Why Hey Chica Summit?

Why Hey Chica Summit?

After a long silence in service, I was searching for leadership summits for Latinas in Dallas. I was really shocked to find that nothing was offered in Dallas. Dallas has one of the largest population of Latinos and one could assume that there are a ton activities and workshops that pour into the Professional Latina woman.

I did find the North Texas Hispanic Women’s Network and joined the crew. They provide monthly networkers and education sessions throughout the year, but nothing with the edgy topics I found in other professional groups. A long time back I did serve on boards and helped organize Latina lunches and galas; but they were are driven by chambers or non profit groups who were also ran by bylaws and “PC” topics of silence.

I knew then, that there was a need to organize and gather badass women who had great stories to tell about their life in the business world and maybe in her intro to “side hustles”.

So, here we are putting on a kick ass summit with a ton of amazing Latinas in Dallas and a few of our National Latinas creating, collaborating and sharing insight on how we can live our best life!

Can’t wait to meet all my hermanas!



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